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Flo Form Contact Form Integration (Flo Themes)

Use Flo Themes to get new leads into Táve

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  • 1. Installation

  • 2. Connecting Flo Forms and Tave

  • 3. Mapping Fields

The following article explains how to set up our Tave WordPress Integration with along with our Flo Forms Plugin.


For this extension to work you’ll need to first have installed the Flo Forms plugin.

You can purchase the Flo Forms Tave extension plugin here. Once purchased you can download the plugin from your downloads section in your account page. Once downloaded you’ll have a .zip file named Flo Forms Tave Integration.

To upload the plugin, go to your WordPress admin panel, go to plugins, and “add new”, then “upload plugin”:

From here you can select your plugin, or drag and drop it into the choose file section, and then hit install now:

Once its uploaded activate the plugin:

Now the plugin is activated, you will have a new settings option in the  Flo Forms Settings area.

Connecting Flo Forms and Táve

Now that you’ve activate the plugin, and created your Flo Form you’ll want to link your form to your Tave account, and then you’ll want to map your fields to relevant fields in Tave.

Tave API Access Key

To get your Táve Studio ID and Secret Key, in Táve go to Settings › API Integrations. From there, you'll select the Legacy New Lead API button up at the top.

Once you’ve entered the key and studio ID, save options.

Mapping Fields

Finally you’ll want to map the relevant fields in your form to link to fields directly in your CRM fields. For fields that aren’t mapped, they’ll be added to the notes section in Táve. To do so is simple:

Step 1. Select Form

First choose a form that you want to map, then you’ll have all the options available to map:

Step 2. Map Fields

Next select the options you want to map to the relevant Táve fields, NOTE! Email and Job Type are required:

Step 3. Save and Test

Save the mapping options on the right hand side. Then go to your contact page and test the form. You should now be receiving inquiries as new leads in Táve.

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