Monthly Payment Schedule

Creates an invoice per month up until the job date

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You can create an unlimited number of payment schedule options in your account at Settings › Payment Schedules.  

Monthly payment schedules have a very similar setup as a one time payment schedule. When creating a new schedule, you’ll choose Monthly in the Kind option and fill in your payment schedule name and optional description.

The Name field is for your reference. The Description field is the line your client will see on their Quote here:

The main difference with a monthly schedule compared to a one time payment is that you can set an Initial Payment (Retainer) to be due at the time of booking, although this is not required.  Below is an example of a monthly payment schedule that is requiring a retainer of 25% of the order’s total due up front, with the remaining balance to be split into the monthly payments:

If this payment schedule is applied to an order, Táve will automatically divide up the remaining balance and schedule the individual payment due dates on a monthly basis beginning exactly one month from the job booking date, and the final payment will be due no later than 1 month before the job date.  If the balance doesn’t break down exactly even, any remaining overage will be reflected in the final payment in the schedule.

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