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Create a Custom Bridal Show Contact Form
Create a Custom Bridal Show Contact Form

Create a contact form you can use at a bridal fair or other trade show to collect leads

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Once you’ve mastered the creation of a Táve contact form to embed into your website, you can get even more creative and put together a secondary form for special uses, like bridal shows.  The key to this tutorial is the final piece of the contact form setup… getting it to auto-redirect to itself between leads, so there’s no handholding involved!

Under Settings › Account Setup › Contact Forms, click the button that says New Contact Form to create a brand new form.

You’ll want to keep the form minimal so you don’t deter brides from filling it out.  Stick to the most essential fields you need to collect from them in order to reach out with your wedding packages.  Below you can find a sample bridal show contact form setup.

If you'd like the default source to be set to Bridal Show, or a more specific lead source you have set up, you can edit the Options next to the Lead Source field to select that option to be the only one to show on this particular form.

The key with the final step of the contact form setup is to have the form redirect to itself by entering its Direct URL in the After Submission section, so it’s ready for the next bride who is ready to fill it out.

You can find that Direct URL here:

Good luck at your next bridal show event!

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