Getting Leads into Táve

The first step to using Táve is getting people into it. Let's walk through entering a client.

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The Old Fashioned Way

We'll begin by creating a test lead by clicking New Lead on your Dashboard, choosing the type of job it is there. 

You can enter as much information as you need, but for right now we're going to pay attention to the Date field at the top, then the name and email fields. The rest we can skip over for now. Use an email address not associated with your Táve account, preferably one you have access to, so you can preview what your clients will experience.

You can also change the contact's Job Role if you'd like it to be something different. At this point, we'll save and be brought to the lead's Overview.

The Better Way

Skipping data entry should be a no-brainer in this day and age. Included in your Táve subscription are contact forms that you can embed directly on your website. We'll go over how to set those up a bit later. For now, let's walk through how to get this client booked. 

Step 2 - Let's Get Them Booked!

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