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Switching to Táve from Other Systems

Help getting started when coming moving data from another studio management software to Táve

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We're so glad you're considering switching over to Táve!  We're excited to have you join.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to move everything over from a completely different studio management account.  The nature of these systems is that they all structure their data differently.  We've had users that are coming over from another studio management software do one of the following:

  • Manually enter EVERYTHING (maybe even hire a data entry person to do this);

  • Finish out the current bookings in your existing software and do only new clients in Táve (use your current backups as references if you need them in the future); or

  • Only manually add the current bookings in Táve and use the backups for any completed jobs, entering new leads in Táve going forward

Entering Your Existing Leads and Jobs in Táve

Once you're ready to add your existing bookings into your account, we recommend doing that by creating new leads for each of these existing clients from your Dashboard's New Lead button in the top left of your screen.  You'll add the related clients and other contacts to the lead's contact list on the worksheet that pops up (you'll see that importing your contacts early on is a nice timesaver here!), then add your clients' booked order in the Quotes & Orders tab using your products and services.  This will move it from a Lead to a booked Job.  Record any payments they've already made, and check off the tasks you've already done, and onto the next entry!

You Got This!

Getting familiar with the Táve system can take some users a couple weeks, but it depends on how tech savvy you are. We have some tutorials and videos available here in our knowledge base, so definitely refer to those, and also let us know by Support message if you have any specific questions during the process. We're happy to help!

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