You can import your existing contacts to your Táve Address Book from Settings > Imports and choose the Import Contacts button on the right side of the screen.

Importing your Address Book contacts is as simple as organizing the data under the proper column headers. Táve uses these headers to plug the data into their corresponding fields in the system. It is important that ALL required column headers be in the CSV file that you’re trying to import, however, they don’t need to have data.

The contact importer requires that certain column headers always be present even if you don't have any data in them. So you'll need to make sure that 'Street Address' is at the top of your CSV file even if you don't have any data for that column. To make it easier, you can use our Template importer which has all of the required column headers that need to be present.

You can download that here: Contact Importer CSV Template (some browsers, like Safari, require right-clicking to download this file)

Note: All dates entered in date fields of your imported file must be entered in the YYYY-MM-DD format to populate the appropriate fields.

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