Lead Tracking with Lead Status

How to track your leads using custom lead statuses

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Lead statuses make keeping track of where in the sales process you are with leads a piece of cake.  You can see a lead's current status with you in the lead's header, or in any of your lead sidebar lists.

You can set up your custom lead statuses in Settings › Lead Status and configure the rules for each status to tell the system where you want it to send the lead when something in particular happens.

You can set your own custom statuses to work perfectly for your lead tracking workflow. Not only can you have custom statuses, but the lists themselves are extremely powerful. You can set your leads to change status automatically after a given amount of time. A few highlights:

  • Default lead statuses to get you started

  • Ability to add custom lead statuses and edit any existing ones

  • Powerful Automatic Lead Status changes

  • Built-in automations for Stale leads

If you'd like to see the history of lead status changes on a lead, you'll select their current status in the lead's header and select View Status History.

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