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Automatically Remind Yourself to Follow Up with a Lead
Automatically Remind Yourself to Follow Up with a Lead

How to set up a reminder to follow up with your leads using Lead Status

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After a new lead comes in and you've sent your initial reply, it may be part of your workflow to follow up if the lead hasn't yet booked a few days or weeks later.  You can remind yourself to do this easily using our Lead Status feature.  This way, it will only remind you if the lead is still open and hasn't yet turned into a booked job or moved to a different lead status for another reason.

You'll first want to be sure that all of your Job Types default to the New lead status here in Settings > Job Types:

Then you can set up your rules in your Initial Contact lead status in Settings > Lead Status.  Having the automatic change to Initial Contact upon sending the initial reply to the new lead inside Táve will change it from New to Initial Contact for you, and then you can set the rule there to automatically move it from Initial Contact to Needs Follow Up so many days after you've initially responded to their lead here:

The last step is to be sure you have a sidebar list in the Leads sidebar section for all leads that are set to Needs Follow Up here:

Then configure your dashboard to include that sidebar count in your Right Now widget here: 

Now your leads will automatically move to the Needs Follow Up status for you when they need to be followed up on, and you'll be notified the morning it happens by email in your daily notifications from Táve and with that tile on your dashboard!

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