New Lead Auto-Responder

Leads can be created through the ‘New Lead’ button on the dashboard or automatically created through your Táve contact form. You can trigger an automation when this happens. Most users however add a simple condition specifying that the lead was created through the contact form and not manually.

The automation below is an auto-responder for a specific type of job and only for leads that are web leads (meaning they weren’t created using the new lead button on the dashboard).

Out of Office Auto-Responder

Similar to the above automation, you can set up one that observes any lead created, regardless of job type, to send an out of office message if you will be away.  Simply edit your email message and enable when you're going away, and disable it when you return.

Install These Auto-Responder Templates to Your Táve Account

We also have automation templates available to install these automations right to your Táve account from our Template Gallery here:

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