Generating Leads from a Public Questionnaire

Automatically generate a new lead through a questionnaire.

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Have you ever wanted to ask questions beyond the basics presented in a Táve contact form? Now you can do so using a public questionnaire! Custom fields are no longer needed to map information to already existing fields in the new lead.

Auto-Creating a Lead Using a Public Questionnaire

If your questionnaire already exists, you'll want to click 'Edit Details' to bring you to the screen below. If you haven't created a public questionnaire, start there first, then come back here.

Once you check the 'Auto-create new lead" box, you'll have the option to select the job type you'd like to associate with this questionnaire.

Important Note: If you have a dropdown field in the questionnaire that asks the lead to choose a job type, using the {{job.type}} token, this selection will override the default job type set in the public questionnaire's settings.

Embedding the Questionnaire

Once your questionnaire is built and set to auto-create a lead, you can always embed the questionnaire on your website as well.

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