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When you add a Task, you can name the Task List, name the Task, set its due date (this is relative to the original observable event that the automation is watching), and assign it to a specific person.

In the above example, I can create an automation that triggers as soon as my job hits the Fulfillment stage (all sessions are completed) creating a task that’s due immediately under the Backup Task List name, not assigned to a specific employee and called “Download Photos to Main Drive/Backup to Cloud”.

Since it’s just me, I didn’t assign it to anyone else, but why not assign that job to the office admin or intern so that when they log into Táve, they see exactly what they have on their task list!

Other ideas:

  • Automatically add a task for “Send a box of chocolates” if your clients book the premium package.

  • Entirely populate a custom workflow.

  • Automatically add a task to send an email (we’ll get to automatically sending emails next).

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