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Sending an Invoice Reminder Through Automation
Sending an Invoice Reminder Through Automation

Automatically send out invoice reminders based on their due date

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Getting paid has never been easier. We all know that sometimes it’s a pain to track down payments from clients so Táve has made it a piece of cake by automating it!

Before we look at how the automation works, let’s look at the emails that we’re going to send to client. We can find these under Settings > Template Items > Email Templates. There, you’ll find an email called “Your next invoice is due soon”. I’ve changed the wording on mine a bit, but here’s what it looks like:

Hi {{recipient.first_name}},

This is just a friendly message to let you know that you have an invoice for {{invoice.balance}} due on {{invoice.due_date}} ({{invoice.due_period}}).

You can {{item.link_start}}pay this invoice online{{item.link_end}} at your convenience using our secure booking website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Notice, that we’re using a few important tokens in the email: {{invoice.balance}}, {{invoice.due_date}}, {{invoice.due_period}}, {{item.link_start}} and {{item.link_end}}.

You can change this message to whatever you’d like it to be, and you don’t even have to include the first three tokens. However, you MUST include the {{item.link_start}} and {{item.link_end}} tokens in order for there to be a link to the invoice for them to actually pay.

Now that we have our Your next invoice is due soon email template set up, let’s look at automating it.

All Táve accounts should come with a minimum of 3 automations set up for you. They are currently disabled so if you’d like to use them, make sure to enable them first.

  • Send 1st Invoice reminder

  • Send 2nd Invoice reminder

  • Send 3rd Invoice reminder

The difference between the three reminders is simply when the automation executes. The first reminder executes 1 week before the invoice balance is due, the 2nd for the morning of, and the 3rd for 3 days after. You can, of course, change these relative times to any thing you’d like.

Let’s look closer at the Action that the automation is taking.

We see that the recipient of the email is “Determined by observed item”. Since, in our main automation, we are observing “Invoice > Balance due”, the recipient determined will be whomever is attached to the specific invoice.

Next, we simply set the email to use the template “Your invoice is due soon”. That’s the one that we had at the top of the post.  Since that email is pretty generic, I could use it for all three reminder emails. However, I might want to create another version of the email to say something more specific like “Payment is past due!”. It’s up to you.

Now just let automations do the work and you’ll be collecting payment in no time!

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