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Linking Questionnaire Field to Tokens
Linking Questionnaire Field to Tokens

Collect usable data directly from your clients via questionnaires and tokens

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The real magic comes when you can turn the answers you receive from your clients through these questionnaires into usable data via Tokens. Once I receive the data through the questionnaire, I can then turn around and put its token into an email and send that to someone else, maybe a team member for example. Let’s have a look...

Above, I’ve created a event intake form that has a name field, phone field, address field, and time field for start and end time. I've associated each of those fields with a relevant token. 

For the Organizer name, I've linked it to the Job Role token for 'Organizer': 

What's nice about this is that if a contact with the job role 'Organizer' already exists on the job, the name field will be pre filled with their name. This is the case for all tokens that already have a value. 

In this instance, if there isn't a contact with a job role set to 'Organizer' a new contact will be created automatically. This is great for collecting the names of other vendors your clients are working with. 

Associating event fields to token values, like location and start and end times will actually update the associated event on the job's schedule. 

Other ideas:

  • Collect client’s address and update their contact profile.

  • Collect other vendors' information from the client and automatically turn those into contacts in your address book. Note: This will not check for duplicates for you upon submission.

  • Ask your clients about their max budget and then have the questionnaire update the field {{job.lead_max_budget}}.

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