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Selectable Image Options in a Questionnaire
Selectable Image Options in a Questionnaire

Displaying images of the options your client can select from in a questionnaire

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There might be an occasion where you'd like to display images of the options your client can select in a questionnaire, e.g. showing different backdrops they can select from. Here we'll show you how you can use a table layout and a dropdown field in your questionnaire to allow you clients to see and select a specific option. You can even associate that dropdown field with a custom field, so it saves their selection on the Job Overview for easy reference!

First you'll want to create that dropdown field here in Settings › Custom Fields. Enter the options available for your client to select from. We'll add the images in the questionnaire so you just need those names here. Be sure to set this up 'For Job Profile' so it appears on the Job Overview:

Next, on your questionnaire you'll want to add a new Paragraph field:

In that paragraph field you can add some text, then insert a table to upload images to, which show the available options:

When you insert a table it'll default to 2 rows and 3 columns but if you need more, simply click into a cell and use the table icon to insert more rows and columns as needed.

Once you have the appropriate number of cells, click into the first cell and use the Insert File option here, to upload your first image:

Click into the remaining cells to upload the other images in this row. It can be a little tricky to see on the first row, but you'll want to click into the next cell here:

The columns will even out as you insert all your images in this row! It's helpful if you have all the images in the same dimensions so it spaces the columns evenly when you're finished.

You can also use a row below each row of images, to add in the name options:

Next add in a new Dropdown List field:

You can then associate this dropdown question with your custom field. You’ll want to enter the Choices in exactly as they are on your Custom Field (so it can match the selection on the questionnaire to the option on that custom field, like-for-like):

When your client receives their questionnaire, they'll then see those images options and be able to make their selection in the required dropdown:

When they submit their questionnaire, the option they selected will show up in the Custom Fields section on the Job Overview here:

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