Embedding a Bookable Event
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Note: Online Scheduling is in its initial beta release. To see what scheduling and booking features the team is currently working on, visit the Scheduling Beta Roadmap page in your account. If you have a feature request pertaining to online scheduling or booking, be sure to get that documented on our Feature Request board.

You'll soon be able to use the 'Share' option in the 'Actions' dropdown next to your Bookable Event to get the embed code. For now, if you want to embed your Bookable Event we recommend using this legacy iframe code:

<iframe id="bookable-event" src="https://tave.com/my-studio-inline/schedule/call" width="100%" height="1100px" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Replacing the src URL with the inline version of your Bookable Event. To get this inline URL, head to Scheduling › Bookable Events and use the Actions dropdown here to get the Embeddable Link:

This will open in a new tab and you can copy the URL and replace it as the src URL in the iframe code above. You may need to adjust the height setting from 1100px to suit the space on your own website.

Do reach out to us in Support if you have any questions about embedding your Bookable Event in your website!

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