Táve supports two types of client-facing URL’s for your proposals, invoices, contact forms, etc:

Secure Domain: tave.com/yourstudioname
Custom Domain: clients.yourstudioname.com

During registration, you set up your secure domain name.

In this tutorial we’re going to cover setting up your Custom Domain.

A custom domain is completely branded as you point a subdomain of your website to Táve, instead of the other way around. For instance I configured clients.tophersimon.com for my “Topher Simon photography” brand, making the “clients” subdomain point to my Táve brand. Configuring this varies depending on your domain server.

We’ll start by deciding what you want your subdomain to be. In the example above, the subdomain is ‘clients’. You can use mostly anything you’d like here, but let’s keep it simple and use ‘clients’.

In Táve, we’re going to add the custom domain we want to use into Settings › Account Setup › Branding.

Now that we’ve added that to our settings in Táve, we now have to set up our domain to send the url ‘client.tophersimon.com’ to Táve. We do this by going to the company that hosts our domain and create what’s called a CNAME alias.

Important note: Every domain host has a slightly different set up. You may use GoDaddy, FatCow, Network Solutions, or some other domain host. And although each host is different, you should be able to find the same capability. If you aren’t able to find it, you should reach out to customer support for your domain host and they would probably be able to set it up for you.

The directions below will cover how to set it up with GoDaddy as your domain host.

We start by logging into your domain host and launching our domains settings in our account panel:

In the DNS manager, we'll go to the bottom and 'Add' a new record: 

As you can see the record settings are as follows:

Record type: CNAME (Alias)
Enter an Alias Name: clients
(this is the subdomain we chose and entered into our custom domain settings in Táve)
Points to Host Name:
clientaccess-01.tave.com NOTE: This may be different for your account.
TTL: 1 Hour

Save the record by hitting “Save”. You are now fully set up to have your Custom Domain (clients.yourstudioname.com) redirect to Táve. Your client facing pages in Táve (contact forms, proposals, invoices, contracts, etc.) will all be located under this Custom Domain.

DO NOT USE ‘tave’ as the subdomain for your CNAME alias. Rather pick something like ‘clients’ or ‘portal’.

Important note: CNAME aliases have to propagate throughout the internet. Your Custom Domain will not work until this happens. Usually it takes anywhere between 2 – 48 hours. 

If I use a Custom Domain, will my Secure Domain ever be used?

Yes, quite possibly!

Your custom domain can’t be encrypted, so if your client needs to enter in a credit card, the page will automatically change to the secure domain (thus its name!). The only difference between the two pages would be the URL in the address bar and the browser’s lock icon next to it… your page branding will be identical and otherwise indistinguishable.

If you aren’t accepting credit cards on your Táve site, your custom domain will always be used.

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