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Account, event and user time zones

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Does your company do events in different time zones? Táve has you covered. 

No matter where your event takes place, or for that matter, where you are in the world, Táve's robust time zone support makes sure you know exactly when an event is. 

Account Time Zone

In Settings › Main Settings, you'll set the global time zone of your account. Your time zone here is actually set for you automatically when you first create your account but you can change it if needed. 

The account time zone is used whenever you create an event that doesn't have a location set. In this sense, Táve will assume that the event takes place in the time zone you set for your account. 

Account time zone is also used for when Táve runs automations at 8am each day (i.e. send invoice reminders, transition jobs to fulfillment, etc). 

Event Time Zone

While most of your events might happen in your main account time zone, there can often be events that occur outside of it. Let's say you have a client that lives on the west coast and you've arranged for a phone consult. You'll want to add that call event to their job and make sure that it's set for Pacific time. 

Manually Set Event Time Zone
You can set the time zone manually when creating an event right below the date and time fields: 

Since your business is Eastern time but the event is Pacific time, you'll be able to quickly see on your calendar when an event is (both your time and the client's): 

No need to do calculations in your head! Just set the time zone! 

Automatically Set Event Time Zone
In addition to being able to manually set a time zone, you can have Táve do it for you. 

Simply enter the location of where the event will take place and the time zone will be set automatically.


User Time Zone

Here's where time zones get really powerful. In addition to setting the account's time zone and a specific event's time zone, each user on your account can set their own time zone. 

Let's say you have a virtual assistant that lives on the other side of the continent. Just send him or her over to Settings › Users to set the user specific time zone. 

This means that whenever that specific user logs into Táve, their calendar and event lists will show the event in their time zone so they never have to guess what's happening when. 

Calendar Feeds

When you create a published calendar in Settings › Calendar Feeds, all of your events will have the proper time zone included. This means that all of the calendar clients you use (your native calendar app on your phone, etc) will know exactly what to do with the event and will display it properly. 

When you subscribe to a remote calendar to bring events into Táve, you can set the time zone for that feed in the same settings section for Calendar Feeds. 

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