Using reCAPTCHA to Prevent Spam Leads

How Táve prevents spam leads with built in reCAPTCHA by Google

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Nothing kills the excitement of a new lead more than seeing that it's just a SPAM bot that found your contact form. Google's reCAPTCHA can be a good starting point in fighting back.

How reCAPTCHA Works

In Táve, we use the "Invisible" version of reCaptcha v2, which means that it gets activated when someone hits the 'Submit' button on a contact form or a questionnaire.

By default, only the most suspicious traffic will be prompted to solve a captcha (in our beta less than 25% of any traffic had the captcha shown). This means that the captcha challenge will only display when the plugin thinks that the traffic to the webpage is suspicious, so most of your clients will never even know it's installed.

If someone is flagged as suspicious, they'll answer a brief series of challenges similar to this example below.

How to disable reCAPTCHA for individual forms

While reCAPTCHA is enabled by default, you can disable it for your contact forms and public questionnaires individually.

For your contact forms, go to Settings > Contact Forms > Edit

For your public questionnaires, go to Settings > Questionnaires > Select Questionnaire > Edit Details

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