Have you ever wanted to ask questions beyond the basics presented in a Táve contact form? Now you can do so using a public questionnaire! Custom fields are no longer needed to map information to already existing fields in the new lead.

Accessing the Beta

To enable this beta on your account, head to Settings > Early Access Betas and check the box to enable the beta.

Auto-Creating a Lead Using a Public Questionnaire

If your questionnaire already exists, you'll want to click 'Edit Details' to bring you to the screen below. If you haven't created a public questionnaire, start there first, then come back here.

Once you check the 'Auto-create new lead" box, you'll have the option to select the job type you'd like to associate with this questionnaire.

Important Note: If you have a dropdown field in the questionnaire that asks the lead to choose a job type, using the {{job.type}} token, this selection will override the default job type set in the public questionnaire's settings.

Embedding the Questionnaire

Once your questionnaire is built and set to auto-create a lead, you can always embed the questionnaire on your website as well.

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