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Adding Custom Reports to Your Dashboard

Learn how to add quick links to important sidebar lists on your dashboard using a tile in the Right Now widget.

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You can add any of your sidebar items to your dashboard allowing you to have quick access to your filtered lists.

Sidebar Lists

Your Táve account will come with some default lists in your sidebar sections, but you can also add some custom ones of your own to report on data that's important to you.

If you're not familiar with custom sidebar lists, you can learn more about them by reviewing this custom list overview video.

Creating Shortcuts to Your Lists

Want to know when you have a new lead, or a lead that you're due to follow up with? Rather than digging through the lists in your Leads sidebar, you can be notified of these things that need action by creating a tile for that list at the top of your dashboard.  This is done within the Right Now widget in your dashboard configuration.

These tiles function as a shortcut directly to the sidebar list when clicked.

To customize the layout and data included on your Táve dashboard, you'll go through the Configure Dashboard button located at the top right of your screen.  

In the Right Now widget, you'll search for the sidebar list name here in the dropdown provided to add a tile for that stat.  You can also arrange the order these tiles will display in by selecting and dragging them up and down here, or remove ones you no longer want.  

While newly created custom sidebar lists will be visible to all users on your account by default (they can hide them using the option provided in the list's Actions menu), your dashboard configuration is specific to just your user.  This means that each user on your Táve account can configure their own dashboard to show the data and widgets they wish to see.

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