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Quote Revision History
Quote Revision History
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Keep Track of the life of a Quote

Quote Revision history is now at your fingertips. With the click of a button, you can now view the original quote you sent, as well as the subsequent versions you created, meaning you won’t lose track of a quote again!

  • No more screenshots or PDF copies of quotes cluttering your desktop

  • You can easily refer back to previous versions and answer client questions

  • Easily track what you’ve already offered clients — and what upsell opportunities you haven’t explored yet

To check out Quote Revision History, simply:

  • Find a Quote on an existing Job or Head to the Quotes Report

  • Click on a quote’s name

  • Click the 'Revision History' button on the right-hand menu


Finding Quote History in Orders

To find quote history in a booked order, follow similar steps as above.

  • Find an order on a job

  • Use the 'Revision History' button

  • Toggle the history between Order and Quote Revisions



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