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Weather Tracking in Táve
Weather Tracking in Táve

Check out our newly renovated weather integration!

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You may have noticed a recent revamp to our weather details throughout your Táve account. We've changed our weather integration to allow for more data and functionality!

We've added a collection of new weather tokens. This means you can include weather details in your emails and trigger automations based on expected weather patterns. Want to email the photographer the day's weather on the morning of a shoot? Need to suggest a possible reschedule a couple days before an event if it's expected to rain? We got you!

Automate Weather Details Before Your Sessions

With these new weather tokens, you'll be able to pull important weather details into your templates to prepare your clients or team for the upcoming session. You don't want to forget that umbrella!

Setting Conditions For Automations Based on Weather

Setting conditions for your automations are now even more powerful with our new weather integration. Do you want to send an email 5 days before the session to reschedule the mini-session with your client? You can create a condition that will trigger if the precipitation is above a certain percentage, based on location & time, using the {{}} token.

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