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Accept tips from your clients by sending a link to a standalone page

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You can now send a link to a new standalone tipping page in emails to your clients, by using the recipient.tip_url token (Direct gratuity page URL). This can be helpful if you'd like to wait until after a job has taken place to send out a tip request email to your client.

This new standalone tipping page is available to Stripe and Square client payment methods, even if tipping is not enabled on them. This will allow you to remove tipping from the invoice payment and still send direct requests later, when you choose to.

How to Turn Off Tipping on Invoices

If you'd like to only use the standalone tipping page and turn tipping off on your invoices, you'll want to uncheck this option in your Stripe or Square Client Payment Method:

This will turn off tipping globally on all your invoices. You'll notice on orders that it will show Tipping is Not Configured in the Invoices section:

Sending a Link to the Standalone Tipping Page

You can now send an email containing a link to your standalone tipping page at any time. You might want to manually send this out after the job date, or have an automation set up to send this out for you.

For example, setting up an automation to run 1 day after the Primary Session:

The action of that automation is to send an email immediately to your job clients:

You'll want to make sure your email template contains the {{recipient.tip_link}} token:

This will populate with linked text, which will take the recipient to your standalone tipping page:

If you'd rather use your own wording, which links to your standalone tipping page, you can use the {{recipient.tip_url}} token instead.

Highlight the text you want to link and enter the token in the Insert Link URL field:

Your client will be taken to your standalone tipping page where they can choose an amount to leave as a tip:

Multiple Client Payment Methods

If you have both Square and Stripe client payment methods, the standalone tipping page will use the client payment method assigned to the brand this job is on (the job the link was sent out from).

If both Square and Stripe are assigned to All Brands, the standalone tipping page will use the priority order you have set here in Settings > Client Payment Methods. So if you have Square listed above Stripe, it'll use Square (and vice versa).

Notification of Tip Received

When a client leaves a tip on your standalone tipping page, you'll receive a new payment notification email from Táve. On this you'll see the tip amount and that it's applied as a gratuity:

Viewing Tips Received in Táve

The tip from your client will also be logged on the job's ledger, along with the credit card processing fee incurred:

NOTE: Credit card surcharges (even if enabled) will not be applied to your standalone tipping page.

You'll also see tips received in your Reports section in Táve. Find out more on that here:

Accepting Tips From Clients on Invoices

You can also accept tips from clients outside of the standalone tipping page by enabling tipping on invoices. Find out more on that here:

Sharable Standalone Tipping Page

Currently the standalone tipping page can only be shared using the token. If you'd like to see the standalone tipping page shared publicly or embedded into a website, please vote for that feature request here: Sharable Standalone Gratuity Page

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Táve Support team if you need assistance, by clicking on Support in the top menu. 🙂

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