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Accepting Tips From Your Clients

Collect gratuity from your clients on their invoices.

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Enable Tipping in Stripe or Square Configuration

If you take online payments and would like to offer your clients the option to leave a tip, you can now do this through your Stripe or Square configuration here in Settings › Client Payment Methods.

If you haven't yet connected Stripe or Square as a Payment Gateway click on the CONNECT link here:

Once connected you'll be able to configure the settings to start accepting tips!

Set the fixed percentage amounts you'd like to offer. You can also enable custom amounts. Your client will then see those options when they choose to pay online:

Notification of Tip Received

If your client included a tip, you'll see that noted on the Payment Notification email you receive from Táve:

Viewing Tips Received on the Job

When a tip is received, you'll also see this noted on the payment on the job's ledger in Táve. The payment will be split between the order, a gratuity (and a credit card surcharge if you've enabled this).

You can see those detailed amounts in the Payments Received section when viewing the order:

Manually Recording a Tip

To manually record any tips received from your clients, use the Record Payment button on the Financials tab of the job, and select Apply this payment - As gratuity:

You can also record a payment and a tip at the same time by using the Split between orders or gratuity option:

Disable Tipping on Specific Payment Schedules, Quotes & Orders

You can also disable tipping on specific Payment Schedules, individual Quotes and Orders.

Payment Schedules:

In Settings › Payment Schedules uncheck the Client can leave a tip option here if you want to disable tipping on a specific Payment Schedule:

When this Payment Schedule is used, you'll see 'Tipping: Disabled' noted on the Order here:


To disable tipping on a specific Quote simply click Edit on the Payment Schedule in the Booking Process section of the quote editor:

Then uncheck this option:


You can also click Edit Invoices on the Order to enable/disable tipping for a specific Order:

When tipping is disabled the 'Would you like to leave a tip?' section will no longer show on the Stripe or Square checkout page for these invoices.

Viewing Tips Received in Reports

To view tips received over a specific period, the best place to look is your General Ledger. You can filter by a specific Period, to then see the total you received in Gratuities at the bottom here:

You can also Download this report as a CSV and filter by Gratuity (in the Type column) to see more information, such as which Jobs these tips came from (Job Name column), how those were paid (Method column), and also filter further by Brand (Brand column), etc:

Tipping will now show on its own line in the Sales Tax Liability report (surcharge fees have moved to their own line too!):

Sending a Link to a Standalone Tipping Page

You can now also accept tips from your clients by sending a link to a standalone tipping page. This can be helpful if you'd like to wait until after a job has taken place to send out a tip request email. Find out more on that here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Táve Support team if you need assistance, by clicking on Support in the top menu. 🙂

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