Combining your products into set packages that you offer to your clients.

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You can put together a package that includes the products you’ve created.

Setting up packages in Settings › Packages, you’re able to save time so you don’t have to manually create a package each time. The package will then be available from the product menu when configuring a quote or a sales order.

Quick Tip: To create a discount for the entire package, create a product that has a negative price. A dropdown will appear to allow you to set it to be a fixed amount or a percentage. The example below creates a 15% discount for the package.

How a Package Will Look Inside a Quote

When including a package in a quote, it will look like the one below, showing all the items that are included.  You can choose whether or not it shows the prices for each of the individual products in an option at the bottom of Main Settings.

Tip: You can choose to hide or display the individual line items in your packages to the client in their quotes with this option located at the bottom of Main Settings:

Making Changes to the Products Within Your Packages

When any of your products are updated in Settings › Products, you'll need to swap those out with the new version of the product within any packages they're part of to take effect in the future uses of the package in your quotes or sales orders.

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