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Your Sales Tax Liability Report is where you can go each tax period to see the details on what you owe your tax authorities.  Your reporting periods are automatically broken down based on the payment period you set up in your Taxes & Currency settings, discussed above.  You can choose between Monthly, Quarterly and Annually in Settings › Taxes & Currency.

When viewing one of these reports, you’ll see your gross sales for the period, divided based on whether or not they were taxable, followed by a breakdown of the taxable and non-taxable portions, the tax you actually collected from your clients and your total receipts brought in for the period.

Here is an example of a quarterly sales tax liability report.  If you see any amounts assigned to “None”, that means on those orders, no sales tax group was selected to apply to the entire order. To view transactions associated with each tax group, simply click ‘Transactions’.

Accrual Reporting

By default, sales tax is calculated when the payment is received (cash basis). You can however change the Sales Tax Liability report to filter the date when that sales tax is recognized (accrual). If your accountant wants you to only report sales tax when the job is complete, you can change the report to recognize the revenue at the ‘Job’es Primary Event Date’.

You can find the Sales Tax Liability Reports in the Reports sidebar menu of your account.  Note that in order to view the Reports section, you must be an administrator user.

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