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Admin vs. Standard User Permissions
Admin vs. Standard User Permissions

The difference between an admin user and a non-admin user in Táve

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You can add another user, if your subscription permits, in Settings › Add/Change Users. When adding a new user, you'll set their Access Level:

Administrator users in your account will have access to all of your data and have the ability to make any changes they'd like.

Billing Setup users have the same permissions as Standard users, but they may also view and manage your Táve subscription (in Settings › Manage Subscription).

Standard (non-admin) users won't see the entire Reports menu on the left sidebar (or any of those dashboard widgets associated with those financial reports). Standard users will be able to see the individual financial data on each of your jobs, and the pricing set on your products and quotes.

While they can see all of your individual job data, including orders, invoices, contracts, schedules, etc., Standard users won't have access to change your account Settings in the following areas:

  • Branding

  • Mail Settings

  • Calendar Settings

  • Taxes & Currency

  • Client Payment Methods

  • Contact Forms

  • Gallery Integrations

  • Manage Subscription

  • Automations

  • New Lead API

  • API Integrations

  • Early Access Betas

Standard users will only have access to the settings in blue below:

Standard users also won't be able to see the Scheduling sidebar so won't have access to Bookable Events, Availability or Booking Sites.

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