Building a Job Workflow

Learn about building a job workflow and attaching it to a job type.

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Job workflows will be steps that are specific to a job type.

When building your job workflows, think of the specific type of job you do and list out every step you complete in working with them. All of these tasks happen regardless of what products the client orders.

This what a simple job workflow looks like. Yours can be as intricate or as simple as you'd like.

Quick Tip for Moving Tasks and Task Lists:

You can drag and drop tasks and task lists between sections by clicking 'Edit', then click and hold to drag up or down:

Once you’ve built your job workflow, we need to attach it to the job type so that whenever a new lead is created with that job type, the tasks are automatically populated.

To do this, go to Settings › Job Types, edit the job type and from the workflow menu, attach the workflow that you just created.

That’s it! Your workflow tasks will be ready to go each time a new lead comes in.

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