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Building a Deliverable Workflow
Building a Deliverable Workflow

Learn about deliverable workflows and attaching them to products.

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Deliverable workflows are different from job workflows in that they are specific to a product or service that is ordered by your client. While job workflows are attached to job types, deliverable workflows are attached to products.

You can create and edit the deliverable workflows you need in your account at Settings › Workflow.

Quick Tip: Choose ‘Add to Job Stage: Booked or Fulfillment’ to specify when those tasks need to happen: before or after the primary session.  

This means that if you have tasks that are specific to fulfilling a specific product that you offer, those tasks will only populate on the job’s task list when that product or service is actually ordered.

In the example above, we’ve created a deliverable workflow for albums. We only want to see those tasks if the client actually orders an album.

Once you’ve created your deliverable workflow, you’ll attach it by going to one or more of your products in Settings › Products & Services, then selecting the workflow from the deliverable workflow menu.

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