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Getting Started with Táve Using Workflows
Getting Started with Táve Using Workflows
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Where to Begin?

It can be incredibly overwhelming hopping into any CRM for the first time! There is a ton of value and power in Táve, and setting objectives can help you take advantage of what Táve has to offer more quickly. The two objectives we want to focus on are building the Job Types you'd like to offer and the Quote templates you'd like to send.

First, Some Prep Work

There are 3 main components that make up Job Types in Táve: Workflows, Job Roles, and Event Types

We recommend that you write down the job types you'd like to offer. These could be Wedding Photography, Family Session, Corporate Headshots, etc. Under each job type you have, you'll want to also record any job roles (both team members and clients) that are involved and any events that take place throughout the life of the job (consultation, session, phone call, etc.).

Once you have this, you'll then want to write down any workflow that you use to complete that job.

As an example, if you offer family sessions, write down that entire process from when a client first inquires with you to the very end when the photos are ready for delivery.

Now that you have this all written down, you can begin building the components that make up your Job Types in Táve. We'll enter in your Workflows, Job Roles, and Event Types first and these will come together in the final step of building the job type.


You'll want to go to Settings > Workflow to begin building your first workflow. Workflows allow you to create task lists with individual tasks that you need to complete each job stage. Táve has four job stages Lead, Booked, Fulfillment, Completed. Jobs in Táve follow these four stages.

Check out these two articles:

Job Roles

You'll want to go to Settings > Job Roles to add the roles that your jobs contain. These can be roles that you, your team, and your clients occupy for a job.

Read more on this here:

Event Types

To create your Event Types, you'll want to go to Settings > Event Types. These will be any meeting or session that takes place during your job!

Here is a good article on this:

Building Your Job Type

All this work will culminate in you building the actual job type! Go to Settings > Job Types. When you set up a job type, the workflow, job roles, and event types can be assigned as defaults in each of your job types so you have placeholders for that information on your job worksheets.

Read here:

Once you have completed this, you can select the 'New Lead' button on the dashboard to see the job type you created now available to be selected!

Building Quote Templates

Next, I recommend you begin building your quotes! Similar to Job Types, Quotes have four main components that make up a quote. Those components are: Products & Services, Payment Schedule, Contracts, and Questionnaires.

Like how we handled Job Types, you'll want to first create those four components separately, then bring them all together in the quote template you create.

Here are helpful articles on each of the parts that make up a quote template:

(While this is showing how to build a quote in a job the directions largely still apply, instead of creating a test job, just go to Settings > Quote > Create New and start there!)

You will notice that when you go to build the quote template, all the items you built previously will be available to add as you go through the process! I think approaching setting up Táve like this makes things more manageable and easier to process!

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