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Send Email Action
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Automatically sending emails is probably the biggest time saver of the Automations feature. Here we can create an automation that when the trigger or observable event takes place, Táve will send an email.

From the New Action dropdown choose Send Email:

In the Send Email action we can define the following:

  • Email Delay: when the email should be sent - immediately, later or saved as a draft to manually send.

  • From: the automation will use the brand default email to send from, or you can choose any other integrated email or custom SMTP set up in your account as the from email.

  • To: who the email will be sent to.

  • Template: select from either an email template (Settings › Email Templates) or choose to write a custom message.

  • Reference item for tokens: if your email template or custom message contains item link tokens, select the item you want those to link to in this dropdown, otherwise leave this set to 'Determined by observed item'.

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