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Events can now select the channel of the meeting: In Person, Over the phone, or Virtual!

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Our events just got smarter!

You can now select the channel of the meeting to be In Person, Over the phone or Virtually.

When you select a Call type event, it'll automatically default to Over the phone letting you set the call-in number and pre-fill this using an attendee phone number:

Virtual Meetings let you record the virtual URL of the meeting:

You can use the Join Now button in Táve to join this meeting directly. From the Schedule tab on the Job:

Or from the Upcoming Agenda on the Job Overview, or your Dashboard:

Meeting events from Google Calendar

If you have a Google Calendar integration and sync an event to Táve, which includes a Google Meet link, you'll now see that link on the event in Táve and be able to join the meeting directly!

Note: these links will only show up for new events added and synced to Táve.

New Visible Columns!

The Agenda section now lets you include Channel, Call-in Number and Virtual URLs as columns. You'll also be able to use the 'Join Meeting' button from this new column!

New Tokens!

We've also added channel, virtual_url and phone_number tokens to events, which can be used in Email Templates or Automations.

For example, as the Condition in a Meeting Reminder automation:

If you want to set the must exactly match condition value for a channel you'll want to use:

  • InPerson to target In Person channel meetings

  • Phone to target Over the phone channel meetings

  • Virtual to target Virtually channel meetings

You can also use these tokens in your automation reminder emails, for example using target.virtual_url in a Calender › Meeting automation reminder to send out the virtual meeting link to your client:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Táve Support team if you need assistance, by clicking on Support in the top menu. 🙂

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