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The Wedding School's In-Depth Táve Setup Guide
The Wedding School's In-Depth Táve Setup Guide

Join Nicole and Susan Stripling with The Wedding School for an in-depth guide to setting up a Táve account from start to finish.

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**Important Disclaimer: We're dedicated to constantly improving our software and with that, parts of the software may have changed since the recording of this video.**

Part 1 - Sections of this video have been updated inside of our software. We recommend walking through our Getting Started Section as we have made a lot of this process easier.

This video covers creating your Táve trial account, an introduction to the Táve Template Gallery, and setting up your Táve job types.

Part 2

This video covers customizing your branding, user permissions, and setting up calendars and payment schedules.

Part 3

This video covers Event Types, Job Roles and Product Types.

Part 4

This video covers Contact Forms, Lead Status and using Táve's Gmail Integration.

Part 5

This video covers job and deliverable workflows.

Part 6

This video covers Questionnaires, Tokens, Custom Fields and Contracts.

Part 8

This video covers Táve's built-in Reports and building and using custom sidebar lists.

Part 9

This video covers Email Templates and an introduction into Automations.

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