Client Access

Client access is the term we use for the pages through which your client interacts with Táve. It’s your contact form, questionnaires, contracts, quotes, invoices, payment pages, client portal, etc.

You’ll, of course, want to customize this so it goes along with the ‘look’ of your business.

We’ll do that by customizing the ‘Look & Feel’ of your brand in Settings › Branding. All accounts will have one brand by default but if you upgrade your account you can have additional brands.

Look & Feel



Branding Images

The Page Header and Page Footer images will appear at the top and bottom of all client access pages.  Your Page Background image will appear in the background behind your client access content.  If you leave this empty, it will inherit the solid color chosen in the Page Background field under "Look & Feel".  The Printout Logo is the smaller logo that will appear in the top right corner of your orders and invoices.  The Email Logo is only necessary if you don't already have a logo in your email signature in Settings › Main Settings, as this will be inserted at the end of your outgoing emails.

All of these images are optional, and all but the Page Background have recommended image sizes to be used.

Need help with the sizing for your branding images? Check out our Photoshop templates to get you started. 

Customizing Your Brand Favicon

You can even customize the favicon that appears in browser tabs and URL bars. Check out our article that covers setting your custom favicon here.

Previewing Client Access

You can preview items in your account to see how they'd look without actually sending them to a client.  To preview an order, contract, or quote, you'll want to add it to a lead or job and select the Direct Link option beside the item to pull up a direct link as your client will see it when it is sent out.  You can preview any emails you're about to send out by choosing the Preview button in the email drafting screen.  All of the items you send out to others will inherit your branding settings set in Settings > Branding.

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