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Making Táve Fit Your Business with Custom Fields
Making Táve Fit Your Business with Custom Fields

Looking for extra customization? Build out some custom fields to make Táve fit your business.

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Every business is different and, while most of a Táve account can be customized by changing your Job Types, Event Types or Job Roles, sometimes you need a bit more customization. Custom fields can be created for a Job Profile or a Contact Profile, depending on what information you're looking to store. To create your own custom fields, you'll want to head to Settings › Custom Fields.

Custom Fields for Jobs

Adding a custom field to a job is a great way to keep relevant information right on the job overview screen. For example, this custom field for Blog Post URL:

Will show up on the Job Overview in the Custom Fields section here:

In each of your Job Types in Settings, you can reorder your job custom fields by dragging and dropping them in the order you wish for them to appear on your job worksheets:

Custom Fields for Contacts

If you head to a contact profile and don't see a field you'd like, you can always add more in here with a contact custom field. I use this for keeping track of whether or not that client has signed a non-disclosure agreement with me and to keep track of which clients have left me reviews online.

Field Type

Custom fields come in a variety of types. Depending on the information you're looking to store, you can use one of the many different field types Táve has to offer. The trick here is to make sure you have the right type of field, so when you look for it later while you're adding it to a questionnaire or somewhere else, the information looks right.


Creating a custom field will create its own token so you can use these custom fields in emails, questionnaires, contracts and more!

  • {{job.custom.custom-field-token}} - The end of this will look a bit different based on the name of your custom field

  • {{xxx.custom.custom-field-token}} - The prefix of this token will change based on the job role you're using for this contact, and the end will change based on the name of your custom field

Want to learn more about Tokens?

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