A Guide to Getting Started in Táve

A quick checklist of things to do to get moving fast! Use this getting started checklist to get your account set up.

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Getting Started Video

If you're more of a visual learner, check out this recording of a past webinar that goes over getting started in your new account.

Note: In the video above you'll see reference to our old Main Settings page. You'll find those Calendar Settings (temperature, date format, week start, etc) here in Settings > Calendar Settings now and email settings have moved to Settings > Branding.

Before We Begin 

  1.  Quickly preview your Brand Settings, adding in an email signature if you'd like to do so.

  2. Take a quick look over Taxes and Currency adding in any sales tax rates your clients may be subject to.

  3. Head to Client Payment Methods and add the options available to your clients for invoice payment. We recommend at least adding in Mail a Check at a minimum.

Entering a Lead - Walkthrough Here!

  1.  Head to the dashboard and create a new Lead.

  2. Enter the job date (if a date has been established for the main shoot or event), the name and email address for at least one contact, and any other information you have already collected.

  3. Click Save and we'll arrive at the Job Overview.

Building a Quote - Walkthrough Here!

  1.  Click Quotes and Orders and New Quote. From here we'll begin getting our clients booked.

  2. Add a recipient, name of your quote, message, expiration and sales tax group, if applicable. Your client will be able to see all of these things.

  3. Add any products you have to your quote by selecting Add Product. If you're trying to add a product that doesn't exist just yet, hit manual entry, just remember to select the Save as Product box so it shows in your sales reports and you have it for next time.

  4. Add in your payment schedule (required), intake questionnaire, and contract that you'd like your client to complete to get booked. 

  5. Click Copy to Quote Templates on the right of your screen to save this as a template for future use. 

  6. Click Save and Continue to save the quote for this client.

Sending a Quote - Walkthrough Here!

  1.  Click Direct Link to preview the quote and see what your client will experience.

  2. Click Email to send your quote to your client.

  3. Ensure that you have the {{item.name_link}} token in the email, as this will be the link your clients need to access the quote.


You did it! You have booked your first client. Of course there's so much more your account can do, but now that it's making you money, you can pretty much bask in your awesomeness.

Extra Credit

Now that you've basked in your glory, jump in and explore some more features inside of Táve. I promise there's more there than you realize.

Want Step by Step Instructions?

We host a weekly getting started webinar, but if you'd rather choose your own adventure, you can get started here! 

Need Help?

Wouldn't it be great, dare I say, incredible if someone from Táve would be available to help you learn the system better and ask about what's confusing you, making your life difficult, bothering you, or keeping you up at night?...as long as it's Táve related...don't make this weird.

Included free with your account is access to our rockstar support team from 9-5 ET Monday thru Friday. Reach out to us in your account from the Support link and let us know how we can help! We're always happy to chat!

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