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Settings Got a Makeover
Settings Got a Makeover
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We've updated our Settings page to make things easier to find. You may have noticed there's no longer a 'Main Settings' option. Here's where those settings have moved to...

Calendar Settings

You'll now find these as General Settings in the new Calendar Settings page:

In the new Calendar Settings page you'll be able to manage all your connected calendars including Google Calendar Integrations, Published Calendars and Calendar Subscriptions.

Email Settings & Email Signature

Email settings has moved to the new Mail Settings page, where you can also set up Custom SMTP servers!

The new Mail Settings page will also allow you to manage any Gmail integrations and your Default From Addresses (your Brand Senders). Find out more about the new Mail Settings page here:

Email Signature has moved to Branding settings in the Look & Feel section. You'll find the Email Signature in the same place on all your additional brands too (goodbye Additional Brand Settings!).

Read more on setting up and using an Email Signature here:

Location, Office Hours, Phone Numbers and Client Access Settings

These have also moved to the Branding settings for each of your brands. Find out more on customizing your branding to match your business here:


The integrations page has now become a Gallery Integrations page:

Gmail integrations has moved to Mail Settings, Google Calendar integrations has moved to Calendar Settings and Zapier integrations has moved to the new API Integrations page here:

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