Booking The Easy Way

The days of sending five emails to book a single client are behind you😅. How you book  your clients will set the tone for your professional relationship together, and you want the presentation to be perfect. In Táve, we use quotes to send your product list, a questionnaire, your contract, and a way to pay all inside one easy to follow link. (Just want to send prices and get paid? You can do that too)

Make It Personal

To begin we'll head to the lead we're looking to book from our leads sidebar and head to the job overview page. From here we'll click 'quotes and orders' and then 'new quote'. This is our quote editor. We'll start in the 'details section at the top.


This section is pretty straightforward. Choose who we're going to send our quote to, name our quote, add in a message to be displayed at the top of the page (optional) and set up our expiration date and tax group if this order is taxable. 

Quote Configuration

This is where we'll begin to build our quote. we'll start by adding some products. If you don't see the ones you're looking for here, you can use the manual entry button to create a new one, but we recommend building them in products and services so you can take advantage of our product reports later.

Product Options

Here we're going to have a few things to select. We'll start by choosing whether this product will be required, suggested, or optional.

  • Required - This cannot be changed or modified by the client.
  • Suggested - These products can be removed by the client, but will be shown as included to start.
  • Optional - These products can be added in by the client, but won't be included by default.

Once we have our options set, we can check the name, description, price, and mark it as taxable if it needs to be. 

Make It Official

Before we send this off, we want to include some important information.

  • Payment Schedule - To tell our client how their balance needs to be paid, we'll need to attach a payment schedule. You can use one of our templates, or customize your own.
  • Questionnaire - In Táve, collecting information from a client is done through a questionnaire. Using one of our simple 'Intake Questionnaire' Templates is a great way to grab the information you need to put on their contract. 
  • Contract - Once you've customized your contract, you can add that template here and include it in the same link to your client. 

Template Time

Before we go any further there is one very important button here. If this is a quote you'll likely send again, or even a good starting point PAUSE and copy this to your quote templates. We'll send it off as soon as you're done! 

Send It

We'll now click the 'Email Quote' button and see our email ready to go out. There are a few important things to note here. This is going to be our first look at tokens and email templates


  • Tokens are just placeholders that will fill with actual data from a contact or a job.
  • The most important token in this email is the {{item.name_link}} token. That's going to take our reference item above (in this case, our quote) and make the name of it into a URL that looks like this. (You can see this by clicking preview in the top right of this window, all the other tokens will preview with actual data too!)

Email Templates

If you've created a different email template that you'd like to use instead, you can send that one by clicking the templates button, just make sure the email template you're trying to use is the right email type.

If you ever want to modify these templates, you can always do so from your email templates in settings as well.

Finish Up!

Let's hit send and get that client booked! Once it's off, you can always see what the status is by heading over to the mail tab.

  • Logged - This email was added from outside of Táve but has been logged on this job.
  • Queued - The email is queued to be sent shortly
  • Delivered - The email has been delivered, but not opened yet.
  • Opened - The email was opened, but the link has not been clicked yet.
  • Clicked - The link inside of your email was clicked.
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